“I think I could work a little, if I could see again.”

- Replied Man Bir
“अब आँखाले देख्यो भने त क्यारे काम नि अलि अलि गर्न सकिन्छ जस्तो लाग्छ।”

- मन बीर भन्नु हुन्छ

Our team from Anthropose headed out for our second cataract surgery camp on the 20th of December. This year, the camp was held at the District Eye Community Center in Dhading Besi, Nepal.

After a four-hour long ride from Kathmandu, we finally reached our destination.

The following day was an important day for many of us. It was the first day of our Cataract Surgery Camp.

Early next morning, people queued up at the registration kiosk, waiting. As the camp progressed, an elderly gentleman caught our attention. He was sitting on a bench, holding on to his makeshift walking cane; all the while his eyes wondered around.

“Man Bir Gurung”, the doctor's assistant called out and a man seated next to the elderly man replied, "Yes, he is my father."

It was his turn to head in for his vision test. While his son assisted him to the test center, we tagged along to help.

Kartik 18, 2074, he recalled and said that it was the day when he lost both of his eyesight due to cataract. He further added,

“Life has been only about darkness since then. I no longer know how my house looks like now.”

He dreams of working on the fields and watching his great grandchildren laugh; he told us.

While our conversation lasted, we had finished testing his vision, established his cataracts could be removed and were in the anesthetic room.

Scared, rubbing his hands together he laid down on the bed upon the doctor's instruction. The doctor then consoled Man Bir while anesthetizing the eye. Observing an eye being punctured by an injection is a tough sight, let alone being the one being anesthetized. We were hoping that the pain would be worthwhile later on for Man Bir. Once done, he was ready to head on to the operating room.

As he waited for his turn, we could see his body shiver and him mumble to himself. At that moment, we could sense his fear. We were equally nervous for Man Bir, for this was a defining moment of his future.

15 minutes passed and the surgery came to an end. “We have successfully removed cataract from his eyes”, the doctor revealed and we welcomed him out of the operating room with a big smile. However, the success of the operation depended on whether he would be able to see the next morning.

It was the next morning and it was Man Bir’s day; a new day awaited. In the crowd, there was Man Bir, repeatedly trying to peek from underneath the covering. His excitement for his new- found eye-sight showed. We were elated.

“What do you see right now?” we inquired. Blinking his eyes, he said, “I see brightness. There is no longer darkness in my life.”

It is hard to describe the feeling upon seeing him respond to us then. What is for sure is that the brightest of it all was the smile that Man Bir had when he did.

That day, we restored sight of 143 people, each with a story not so different than Man Bir’s.

We would like to end this note by bringing to your attention that a lot more is yet to be done. This is just the beginning.

Thank you all who have been with us throughout our journey.

Team Anthropose.

That day, we restored sight of 143 people, each with a story not so different than Man Bir’s.

We would like to end this note by bringing to your attention that a lot more is yet to be done. This is just the beginning.

Thank you all who have been with us throughout our journey.

Team Anthropose.

Our Giving Partner
Name List of Vision Restored
Name Age Gender Address Surgery
Durja bdr Gurung 51 M Gumdi LSICS
Bir bdr Gurung 74 F Nilkantha RSICS
Tika kumari khanal 69 F Murali bhanjayang LSICS
Sun maya bashyal 74 F Dhola RSICS
Sita tamang 78 F Netrawati LSICS
Macha lama 69 F Gajuri RSICS
Laxmi magar 87 F Nilkantha LSICS
Gyan bdar Shrestha 60 M Nilkantha LSICS
Sukra bdr tamang 51 M Dhading RSICS
Putali godar 65 F Dhading RSICS
Dil bdr shrestha 55 M Gajuri RSICS
Laxmi Adhikari 45 F Dhading RSICS
Bhim bdr lamichhane 90 M Dhading LSICS
Bhawani Shaha 70 F Jawalamukhi RSICS
Seti kumal 65 F Dhading RSICS
Sombar tamang 72 M Khaniyabash RSICS
Sir maya gurung 65 F Nilkantha LSICS
Padan kumari Nepali 86 F Nilkantha RSICS
Maru maya tamang 62 F Netrawati RSICS
Gita devi shrestha 57 F Nilakantha RSICS
Nadi maya gurung 72 F Nilakantha LSICS
Ratna prasad lohoni 80 M Rorang RSICS
Phaising tamang 60 M Ntawati LSICS
Som maya tamang 55 M Nilakantha RSICS
Aiti maya gurung 74 F Nilakantha RSICS
Bir bdr kumal 62 M Jaimakkhala LSICS
Durga maya gurung 68 F Rubyvalley LSICS
Suk bdr Ghale 60 M Nilakantha RSICS
Naisang tamang 79 M Ganga jamuna LSICS
Chandra churmi tamang 64 F Gajuri RSICS
Dev kumari adhikari 82 F Jawamukhi RSICS
Kanchhi khatiwada 74 F Thakne RSICS
Bal kumari Lamichhane 60 F Jawamukhi RSICS
Dhan bdr Basnet 54 M Gajuri LSICS
Man bdr shrestha 77 M Sesha, Dhading RSICS
Kale gurung 45 M Nilakantha RSICS
Top bdr shakya 74 M Sunkhani RSICS
Bhagawati mahat 55 F Nilakantha RSICS
Aita ram tamang 87 M Khaniyabash RSICS
Bishnu kumar shrestha 84 M Nilakantha LSICS
Manbir Gurung 84 M Nilakantha RSICS
Kali maya tamang 40 F Khaniyabash LSICS
Deshi maya tamang 65 F Khaniyabash LSICS
Chandrawati devi shrestha 50 F Gajuri LSICS
Uma kumaeri shrestha 60 F Jawamukhi RSICS
Parbati tamang 52 F Khaniyabash RSICS
Dukpa lama 74 F Khaniyabash LSICS
Fula nani shrestha 75 F Siddhalajkhe LSICS
Namcha wati tamang 69 F Dhading RSICS
Suk maya tamang 50 F Gajuri RSICS
Saila kami 74 M Sddhalek RSICS
Shree maya tamang 54 F Khaniyabash LSICS
Aiti Gurung 75 F Nilakantha RSICS
Man bdr sunar 65 M Gajuri RSICS
Sun maya tamang 68 F Netrawati RSICS
Tika kumar simkhada 70 M Khaniyabash RSICS
Ram bdr shrestha 70 M Siddhalek LSICS
Hom kumari Chapagain 84 F Gajuri LSICS
Bed kumari bhatta 70 F Siddhalek LSICS
Dhancha maya tamang 75 F Dhading RSICS
Juthe Pariyar 74 M Nilakantha LSICS
Ram krishna shrestha 74 M Gajuri RSICS
Bishnu shrestha 58 M Dhading LSICS
Maili Shrestha 70 F Nilakantha LSICS
Padam kumar lamichhane 80 M Nilakantha LSICS
Indra bdr gurung 55 M Dhading RSICS
Phurman Gurung 59 M Dhading RSICS
Tul bdr magar 74 M Dhading RSICS
T .K Gurung 68 M Dhading RSICS
Tek bdr Pariyar 73 M Dhading LSICS
Tej bdr shrestha 53 M Jawamukhi LSICS
Changra kumari kafle 84 F Nilakantha LSICS
Ram bdr shrestha 58 M Dhading LSICS
Harka bdr laichhane 86 M Jayamurung RSICS
Hom bdr Adhikari 72 M Nuwakot LSICS
Nhunindra bdr Karki 75 M Galchhi RSICS
Har bdr Karki 86 M Jyamarung RSICS
Nar bdr Gurung 76 M Dhading RSICS
Janak bdr Shahi 70 M Dhading RSICS
Sabitri pariyar 60 F Dhading LSICS
Purna maya tamang 60 M Dorang LSICS
Tek bdr shrestha 84 M Dhading RSICS
Som maya malla 60 F Nilakantha RSICS
Man kumari gurung 58 F Nilakantha RSICS
Buddhi bdr Nepali 64 M Nilakantha LSICS
Man bdr tamang 65 M Netrawati LSICS
Bhakta bdr tamang 65 M Dhiding RSICS
Til bdr magar 44 M Dhading LSICS
Bharabi shrestha 56 M Nilakantha RSICS
Dawa lama tamang 78 M Dhading RSICS
Shree man tamang 80 M Dhading LSICS
Hom kumai khand 77 M Nilakantha RSICS
Man narayan shrestha 61 M Nilakantha RSICS
Kanchhi 65 F Jawalamukhi RSICS
Laxmi narayan shrestha 83 M Nilakantha RSICS
Ram bdr tamang 49 M Nilakantha RSICS
Purna bdr Nepali 60 M Nilakantha LSICS
Sita majakhati 53 F Nilakantha LSICS
Suku maya mijar 56 F Gajuri LSICS
Krishna bdr tamang 76 M Gjuri LSICS
Kal lama tamang 80 M Khaniyabash LSICS
Lila kumari aryal 65 F Nilakantha LSICS
Chandra kumari Gurung 59 F Jawalamukhi LSICS
Phuli maya tamang 75 F Nilakantha LSICS
Rana kumari rana 74 F phulakha LSICS
Gila maya ghale 70 F Siddhalek LSICS
Sun bdr 80 M Dhading LSICS
Laxmi par 73 M Tripura RSICS
Putali Nepali 82 F Nilakantha LSICS
Gam maya gurung 77 F Ganga jamuna RSICS
Thali maya Tamang 60 F Gajuri RSICS
Til kumari shrestha 59 F Nilakantha LSICS
Uhin maya sarki 60 F Gorkha RSICS
Chhatrapati Baskota 74 M Gajuri LSICS
Indra kumari rijal 60 F Nilakantha RSICS
Shanti maya tamang 65 F Netrawati LSICS
Tara devi shrestha 65 F Nilakantha RSICS
Rana kumari Thakuri 70 F Nilakantha RSICS
Sit Sunar 40 F Nilakantha LSICS
Col maya tamang 70 M Netrrawati RSICS
Bal bdr sing thakuri 72 M Nilakantha RSICS
Kalu tamang 43 M Netrawati RSICS
Ram bdr Shrestha 76 M Dhading RSICS
pancha maya tamang 75 M Dhading RSICS
Norsang tamang 79 F Ganga jamuna RSICS
Singh nath yogi 55 M Nilakantha LSICS
Dhan bdr gurung 85 M Nilakantha LSICS
Ram lal shrestha 61 M Nilakantha RSICS
Jit bdr nepali 49 M Nilakantha RSICS
Aita ram tamang 87 Khaniyabash LSICS
Man bir gurung 84 M Nilakantha LSICS
Bir bdr gurung 74 M Nilakantha LSICS
Dhan maya magar 73 F Nilakantha RSICS
Seti gurung 80 F Nilakantha LSICS
Maili maya magar 65 F Siddhalek LSICS
Lumadi prs shrestha 83 M Nilakantha LSICS
Laxi gurung 75 F Nilakantha RSICS
Amrit man shrestha 57 F Nilakantha RSICS
Sir maya tamang 74 F Ganga jamuna LSICS
Harka Bahadur Bagali 80 M Nayagau RSICS
Padam Kumari Shrestha 71 F Turture-8 LSICS
Ramesh Dhakal 54 M Kabari-3 RSICS
Bishnu K. B.K 49 F Nayagau LSICS
Tulasi Pd. Khatiwada 78 M Bashantapur-8 RSICS
Indra Kumari Sapkota 73 F Mirkot-8 RSICS
Man Bdr. Tamang 72 M Lamjung-8 LSICS
Gori Maya Shrestha 75 F Gorkha LSICS
Dil Maya Thapa 68 F Thatipokhari LSICS
Min Kumari Shrestha 65 F Shubajur RSICS
Dambar Bdr. Neupane 88 M Dapbetae RSICS
Bandi Tamang 70 F Chainging RSICS
Nandu K. Thapa 84 M Thatipokhari RSICS
Harka Bdr. Thapa 65 M Lamjung-8 RSICS
Kasi Sarki 56 M Lamjung-6 RSICS
Rad Bdr. Ghemera 61 M Lamjung-3 LSICS
Tulica Dhail 80 F Kabari-3 LSICS
Mina Baral 75 F Thatipokhari LSICS
Chandra Kumari Adhikari 74 F Gorkha RSICS
Gib Bahadur 66 M Lamjung LSICS
Jit Bahadur Pun 77 M Gorkha RSICS
Puda Maya Sunar 66 F Bandipur, Tanahu LSICS
Januka Nepali 50 F Lamjung-2 RSICS
Krishna Bahadur Nepali 65 M Palungtar RSICS
Padam Kumari Roka 87 F Ranapani LSICS
Bishnu Maya Kumal 46 F Chainging RSICS
Shree Maya Nepali 70 F Palungtar LSICS
Kajiman Thapa Magar 66 M Chainging RSICS
Dhansupi Gurung 73 F Palungtar RSICS
Sukmaya Bhandari 78 F Gorkha-4 LSICS
Govinda Gurung 70 M Thatipokhari LSICS
Pauda Kumari Parajuli 98 F Lamjung RSICS
Pauda Kumari Parajuli 98 F Lamjung LSICS
Phulmaya Shrestha 70 F Thatipokhari RSICS
Phulmaya Shrestha 70 F Thatipokhari LSICS
Gaumaya Bhattarai 82 F Palungtar RSICS
Tek Bahadur Shrestha 82 M Gaikhai LSICS
Jiban Giri 76 M Katiligali RSICS
Putali Giri 60 F Thatipokhari LSICS
Bipa Parajuli 61 F Gorkha RSICS
Yek Maya Devkota 77 F Thatipokhari RSICS
Rukmadi Devkota 76 F Barpirkha LSICS
Chhabilal Ramtel 52 M Nilkantha-7 RSICS
Buddhi Bahadur Rai 74 M Galchhi-2 LSICS
Darbajash Stra 83 M Dhading LSICS
Singh Bdr Tamang 66 M Dhading LSICS
Shanti Rai 80 F Dhading RSICS
Akahari Gurung 67 F Nilkantha-3 RSICS
Lal Maya Gurung 67 F Nilkantha-2 RSICS
Nar Bdr Tamang 55 M Dhading RSICS
Man Bdr Tamang 79 M Semjong RSICS
Kishan Tamang 75 M Nilkantha-8 RSICS
Harka Bdr Bhusal 66 M Dhading LSICS
Margu Tamang 70 F Nilkantha-8 RSICS
Bhubi Nanda Khatiwada 80 F Gachhi-1, Dhading LSICS
Marsang Tamang 75 F Gangajamuna LSICS
Man Bdr Tamang 79 M Dhading RSICS
Krishna Bdr Shrestha 71 M Dhading RSICS
Purpha Tamang 64 M Khaniyabas LSICS
Fusuru Tamang 81 F Nilkantha-8 LSICS
Durga Bdr Tamang 58 M Netrawati-4 RSICS
Thung Lama 85 M Dhading RSICS
Phul Maya Tamang 65 F Dhading LSICS
Padam Bdr Tamang 49 M Netrawati-4 RSICS
Purna Maya Shrestha 78 F Dhola-5 LSICS
Subotan Tamang 63 F Dhading RSICS
Mlang Rang Tamang 79 M Ree-6 RSICS
Kami Lama Tamang 61 M Ree-2 LSICS
Ambar Tamang 68 M Khaniyabus-03 RSICS
Mangsal Tamang 69 F Dhading LSICS
Panjina Tamang 74 M Khaniyabas-02 RSICS
Man Singh Tamang 84 M Darkha-2 LSICS
Suk Maya Thakuri 65 F Thakregapa-3 RSICS
Bhum Bdr Tamang 89 M Thakregapa-3 LSICS
Amrit Bdr Shahi 75 M Thakregapa-3 RSICS
Krishna K Thapa 90 M Nilkantha-4 RSICS
Sitaram Kumal 70 M Nilkantha-8 LSICS
Bhoj Narayan Shrestha 75 M Sunal Bazar RSICS
Phesang Tamang 70 F Nilkantha-8 LSICS
Surya Man Tamang 73 M Gangajamuna LSICS
Chhogit Tamang 86 F Dhading LSICS
Gauthali Tamang 73 F Nilkantha-3 RSICS
Mahili Tamang 74 F Thakregapa-3 LSICS
Laxmi Shrestha 80 F Nilkantha-3 LSICS
Indira Tamang 75 F Thakregapa-3 RSICS
Thuli Tamang 72 F Thakregapa-3 LSICS
Bhoj Narayan Shrestha 66 M Nilkantha-12 RSICS
Toran Kumari Nepal 80 F Siranbazzar LSICS
Indra Kumari Thapa 74 F Thakregapa-2 LSICS
Khadka Bdr Tamang 69 M Thakregapa-3 RSICS
Uti Bdr Tamang 65 M Gangajamuna RSICS
Lal Bdr Tamang 58 M Thakregapa-3 RSICS
Bala Ram Tamang 60 M Semjong RSICS
Juna BK 63 F Nilkantha-2 RSICS
Sanu Babu Bhandari 73 M Dhunibesi-8 RSICS
Man Kumari 73 F Dhading RSICS
Randatta Rijal 81 F Nilkantha-12 LSICS
Ram Kumari 68 F Siddlakha-6 LSICS
Bishnu Kumari Shrestha 85 F Nilkantha RSICS
Lal Kumari Gurung 70 F Dhading RSICS
Moti Lal Tamang 61 M Thakregapa-3 RSICS
Binda Bhatta 67 F Jwalamukhi RSICS
Santa Man Gurung 83 M Nilkantha-3 RSICS
Masali Magar Mijar 65 F Gajuri-2 RSICS
Lari Tamang 82 F Dhading LSICS
Ram Pd Paudel 57 M Dhading RSICS
Dag Bdr Tamang 76 M Tharkegapa-3 LSICS
Ram Bdr Shahi 75 M Dhading RSICS
Hari Maya Paudel 69 F Thakregapa-3 LSICS
Subhadra Aryal 65 F Thakregapa-3 LSICS
Om Kumari Pandit 72 F Thakregapa-3 LSICS
Seti Maya Pariyar 60 F Nilkantha-6 RSICS
Kanchi Tamang 68 F Thakregapa-3 RSICS
Prem Maya Tamang 90 F Thakregapa-2 LSICS
Tej Bdr Adhikari 80 M Nilkantha-12 LSICS
Durga Kumari Giri 72 F Thakregapa-3 RSICS
Merman Tamang 70 M Thakregapa-3 LSICS
Ram Bdr Tamang 70 M Thakre-3 RSICS
Suntali Ramtel 70 F Thakre-3 RSICS
Gopini Subedi 71 F Thakre-3 RSICS
Lal Bdr Gurung 70 M Dhading RSICS
Tanka Nath 84 M Dhading RSICS
Khambasing Tamang 75 M Khaniyabas-4 RSICS
Buddhi Man 57 M Nilkantha-12 RSICS
Sanu Tamang F Thakregapa-3 LSICS
Govinda Nepali 57 M Dhading RSICS
Bal Bdr Tamang 80 M Netrawati-4 LSICS
Susay Bk 61 M Nalag RSICS
Krishna Kumal 65 M Nilkantha-12 RSICS
Sunita Roka 28 F Gajuri-2 LSICS
Krishna Puri 48 M Siddhalekh-04 LSICS
Goma Bk 60 F Gajuri-5 RSICS
Man Kumari Gurung 60 F Nilkantha-2 LSICS
Ram Bdr Gurung 97 M Jhalamaichar LSICS
Prem Bdr Shrestha 85 M Nilkantha RSICS
Shiva Kumari Shakya 75 F Nilkantha LSICS
Dalli Magar 70 F Nilkantha-3 RSICS
Kalu Gurung 67 M Nilkantha-12 LSICS
Lila Maya Bhujel 80 F Putali Bazar LSICS
Purna Maya Bk 61 F Jayamrung-2 RSICS
Rana Bdr 81 M Dhading LSICS
Lal Bdr Basnet 73 M Maidi-6 RSICS
Khanchhi Maya Tamang 71 F Nilkantha-14 LSICS
Radhika Rai 60 F Dhunidesi-4 RSICS
Khadka Bdr Pariyar 75 M Netrawati-4 LSICS
Sita Mizar 56 F Dhading LSICS
Hom Bdr Thapa 46 M Gajuri-6 RSICS
Tara Bdr Thapa 69 M dhading LSICS
Srimaya Gurung 72 F Nilkantha-1 LSICS
Aaitimaya Tamang 80 F Nilkantha RSICS
Tom Bdr Duwadi 70 M Gajuri-5 RSICS
Suk Maya Tamang 68 F Khaniyabas-2 LSICS
Kumari Bk 76 F Siddhalake-5 RSICS
Man Bdr Bk 65 M Gajuri LSICS
Suk Bdr Gurung 45 M Netrawati-4 LSICS
Prem Bdr Chepang 52 M Dhading LSICS
Phulmati Shrestha 65 F Nilkantha-7 LSICS
Sukumaya Tamang 63 F Tarkeshwor-3 LSICS
Manmaya Tamang 70 F Selle RSICS
Puma Bdr Tamang 82 M Thakre-2 RSICS
Bhakta Bdr Rut 80 M Dhading LSICS
Subhadra Mijar 50 F Dhunidesi-8 RSICS
Santa Maya Sunar 65 F Gajuri RSICS
Kritiman Fimary 78 M Thakregapa-1 RSICS
Sher Bdr Sarki 72 M Dhading LSICS
Bishnu maya 57 F Nilkantha-7 LSICS
Tuka Kumari 70 F Dhading LSICS
Sukumaya Sarkini 82 F Dhading RSICS
Akal Bahadur Ojha 85 M Gajuri LSICS
Krishna Bahadur Tamang 76 M Dhading RSICS
Bhabanath Rijal 86 M Dhading RSICS
Thakshi Gurung 74 F Dhading LSICS
Chana Laxmi Shrestha 66 F Dhading RSICS
Kaleni Tamang 88 F Dhading RSICS
Shree Maya Tamang 57 F Dhading LSICS
Sukumaya Tamang 65 F Dhading LSICS
Sinki Bahadur Tamang 75 F Dhading LSICS
Udaya Bahadur Gurung 73 F Dhading RSICS
Ram Bahadur Gurung 71 F Dhading LSICS
Prem Bdr Gurung 70 M Dhading LSICS
Som Bahadur Tamang 75 M Dhading RSICS
Shree Kumari Shrestha 55 F Nilkantha-3 RSICS
Jhimki Magarali 50 F Nilkantha-6 LSICS
Man Kumari Shrestha 75 F Jwalamukhi LSICS
Fulmaya Nepali 61 F Jwalamukhi RSICS
Lal BdrManandhar 78 M Jwalamukhi LSICS
Bir Bdr Sarki 80 M Dhading LSICS
Jhika Bdr Gurung 66 M Jarkini RSICS
Ramji Shrestha 66 M Jwalamukhi RSICS
Purna Maya Bk 61 F Jwalamukhi RSICS
Tek Bdr Magar 75 M Dhading RSICS
Padam Kumari Thapa Magar 69 F Nilkantha-3 LSICS
Kasawati Tamang 65 F Nilkantha LSICS
Man Kumari Shrestha 75 F Jwalamukhi LSICS
Nanda Bdr Shrestha 66 M Jwalamukhi RSICS
Dolma Maya Gurung 77 F Dhading RSICS
Bakchu Tamang 80 F Semjong RSICS
Lal Bdr Pariyar 66 M Dhading RSICS
Bhim Bdr Ghale 72 M Dhading RSICS
Lakko Tamang 79 F Ree-6 RSICS
Tikamaya Tamnang 45 F Thakregapa-3 RSICS
Damcche Tamang 75 F Dhading LSICS
Prem Kumari Bidari 64 F Thakregapa-3 RSICS
Mitra Bdr 64 M Siddalek-1 LSICS
Babu Ram Tamang 70 M Thakregapa-2 RSICS
Gokul Bdr Aryal 52 M Thakregapa-4 LSICS
Bir Bdr Ale 69 M Nilkantha-4 LSICS
Hari Prasad Rijal 80 M Nilkantha-12 RSICS
Putali Mahato 69 F Nilkantha-9 LSICS
Ganesh Gurung 64 M Nilkantha-3 RSICS
Ambar Bdr 52 M Dhading RSICS
Palam Bdr Baral 62 M Gajuri-8 LSICS
Mahili Tamang 80 F Thauregapa-2 RSICS
Man Bahadur Tamang 75 M Thakregapa-3 RSICS
Tara Singh Tamang 67 M Thakre-3 LSICS
Thuli Maya Gurung 51 F Gangajamuna-3 RSICS
Ranga Prasad Paudel 65 M Thakre-3 LSICS
Krisha Bahadur Tamang 66 M Thakre-3 RSICS
Seti Maya Pariyar 60 F Nilkantha-6 LSICS
Ram Maya Tamang 43 F Thakre-3 LSICS
Maiya Dahal 51 F Thakre-3 LSICS
Hira Lal Bada 72 M Dhading LSICS
Resham Bdr Tamang 53 M Thakre-11 LSICS
Shanti Maya Gurung 65 F Dhading RSICS
Sita Devi Lamsal 69 M Dhading LSICS
Sinda Gurung 76 F Dhading RSICS
Suk Maya Ghale 73 F Nilkantha-3 LSICS
Dal Bdr Magar 79 M Dhading LSICS
Bishnu Bdr Gurung 55 M Nilkantha-10 RSICS
Purna Man Shrestha 52 M Nilkantha-11 LSICS
Thakur Kumari 71 F Dhading LSICS
Jhalak Prasad Pante 71 M Ghorkha-7 RSICS
Biba Nepali 46 F Nilkantha-4 RSICS
Ram Bdr Bk 65 M Gajuri-5 RSICS
Nar Bdr Gurung 83 M Nilkantha-1 RSICS
Bir Bdr Gurung 65 M Siddhalakh RSICS
Sur Bdr Saramagar 80 M Dhading RSICS
Chandra Bdr tamang 62 M Dhading RSICS
Karna Bdr Tamang 42 M Thakre-3 LSICS
Putali Ramtel 67 F Tarukharka LSICS
Nar Bdr Tamang 87 M Thakre-3 RSICS
Maijam Gurung 75 F Nilkantha-1 LSICS
Bom Bdr Tamang 81 M Dhading RSICS
Dhati Maya Bada 72 F Jalakhi RSICS
Jit Narayan Shrestha 78 M Rampur RSICS
Megh Bdr Subedi 80 M Dhading LSICS
Tasi Lama Tamang 101 M Dhading LSICS
Gopal Tamang 48 M Netrra RSICS
Amrit Gurung 62 M Sunalulo Bazar 4 LSICS
Man Bdr Tamang 66 M Nilkantha-14 LSICS
Top Psd Tiwari 57 M Jwalamukhi RSICS
Bhim Bdr Tamang 57 M Netrra RSICS
Prem Shahi 75 M Jwalamukhi RSICS
Chana Maya Shrestha 65 F Dhading LSICS
Yajumaya Jhyari 66 F Jwalamukhi RSICS
Keshar Bdr Silwal 63 M Sunaulobazaar RSICS
Jagat Bdr Bharat 78 M Jwalamukhi RSICS
Krishna Bdr Majkoti 60 M Nilkantha-5 LSICS
Shiva Sinkhada 65 M Jwalamukhi LSICS
Sannani Kumal 59 F Nilkantha-8 RSICS
Fulmaya Ghale 57 F Siddhalakh RSICS
Gopilal Pariyar 80 M Nilkantha-6 RSICS
Aaitaram Pariyar 83 M Gajuri-3 RSICS
Chameli Pariyar 50 F Katunje RSICS
Durgi Maya Sunuwar 73 F Nilkantha-3 LSICS
Nima Tamang 60 M Dhading RSICS
Dik Bdr Tamang 62 M Thakregapa-1 Left Entropion
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*LSICS: Left Small Incision Cataract Surgery
*RSICS: Right Small Incision Cataract Surgery
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