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Starting out from Nepal, growing out to the world, posed a seemingly insurmountable challenge for us. Almost a mountain like. We chose to be inspired by it, than to succumb to it. As the upshot, we created our AMA DABLAM collection - a namesake for a mountain with the most aesthetic climbing route in the world.

The ascents, the descents and quirky twin-headed peaks with crevasses creating dramatic accents inspired the clean chamfers on the frontal face of our designs. The bold, unapologetic design attempts to resemble the striking grandeur of Mt. AMA DABLAM overshooting the sky.

All in all, amalgamation of our ethos to create impact beyond ourselves and boundaries & the challenge to grow beyond territories posed at us defined our AMA DABLAM collection. And here, we present it to you.

The latest addition to our cateye collection “Ama” is a perfect frame inspired from the twin headed mountain “Ama Dablam” which is a perfect balance of bold and elegance.
Dablam, yet another pair inspired from the twin headed mountain “Ama Dablam” is your go-to sunglasses that is vintage aesthetic matched with everyday usability.
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